Toilet Cleaning

Toilet Cleaning

Keeping your toilets clean is a must for any busy household.  Keeping your toilet germ free can reduce a number of health risks.

An unclean toilet can contaminate the rest of the bathroom leaving bacteria and germs to jump around freely.  You must always leave the toilet seat down if not the invisible toilet germs can escape and surround your bathroom.


Here is my guide on how to do a proper job.

  1. Lift the toilet seat and start with cleaning the pan, make sure your pour your bleach or toilet cleaner right under the rim and let it run down the pan cleaning as it goes. Then with your toilet brush or if your brave enough get your hand stuck in (my preferred option) and scrub away covering the whole pan in the product. Then leave to soak for a few minutes.
  2. Whilst the pan is having a good soak with the bleach its time to focus on the seat and the outside of your toilet.  Use a good disinfectant bathroom spray and a clean cloth and work from the top of your toilet and work your way down.  Then with a fresh cloth and warm water rinse and buff the seat and the outside of the toilet.
  3. Time to go back to the pan, give it one last scrub before you flush.
  4. Add in some more toilet cleaner or bleach and leave.
  5. Add a toilet capsule to your cistern to ensure this part of your toilet is also being kept clean too.  I tend to add a new one in weekly.  These are great for keeping limescale at bay.
  6. I clean my toilets a lot but just remember if you keep on top of your cleaning it becomes much easier. Little and often is the key and remember the cleanliness of your home reflects the cleanliness of your lifestyle and keeps your family healthy.

Cleaning the toilet with COKE. 

Coke is great for getting rid of toilet rust and limescale that often toilet cleaners can’t deal with.

To clean your toilet with Coke you don’t need a whole bottle just a glass full and pour this into the toilet and leave for an hour so the coke can get to work.  If you have limescale stains and rust in the toilet bowl too simple cover an old cloth in coke and then rub this over the toilet bowl using your hand or alternatively use your toilet brush and again leave for an hour or so to do its work. The acid in the coke will break down the stains

And YES this really does work.

To get your bathroom just as clean as your toilet read my intense bathroom clean guide

Plus my favourite toilet brush to clean the toilet with is this one CLICK HERE  as its much more hygienic that a traditional brush.

As always thank you for reading
Lynsey Queen of Clean xoxox


  1. The toilet in my house was a nightmare. That had an impossible stain, I did everything, even I put my hands there (disgust) and I could not remove it. But a single product (Harpic Ultra) managed to do it effortlessly. Now my toilet looks new. It is a wonderful feeling. Anyway, I find it hard to keep order and cleanliness, and my house seems like a pigpen. Your blog and instagram have inspired me a lot, now I try to keep everything as good as possible. Every day is a great and inexhaustible work. Blessings.

  2. Hi!
    Thank you for posting this routine! Can I ask what you do with your gloves after you have cleaned the toilet? Do you disinfect them and how and where do you store them. Also do you wear separate gloves for the sink/bath etc?
    Thanks Becky

  3. Hiya! Thanks for a great post! Can I ask what you do with your gloves once you have finished cleaning the toilet-how to you clean and store them? Do you use desperate gloves for the rest of the bathroom or do you do the sink/bath/shower first? This is something that drives me crazy! Thanks Becky xx

  4. I hate to admit it, but I’m cruising the internet looking for a silver bullet to keep my toilets perfect and your last tip just slapped me back to reality. Like everything else, just good old fashioned hard work is the best cure. “Little and often” made it seem much more pleasant.

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