Chocolate Mess at Easter Time



Its that time of year when the chocolate eggs hit the shops and our children go crazy for Easter egg hunts, chocolate eggs and delicious chocolate cakes.

As yummy as chocolate is, chocolate will come at a price over the Easter period and stain those pretty party dresses and smart party shirts, especially with our younger children when they get carried away and start stuffing themselves with lots of chocolate ,whilst playing outside in the fresh spring air. They will then come in covered from head to toe in Grass stains, mud, chocolate along with sticky fingers.  If you catch the stains quickly they don’t tend to be a problem,  just act immediately and soak them in warm soapy water to help lift the stain.

But when left untreated for a few hours they can become hard to shift.

Grass Stains

To remove ground in tough grass stains from children’s clothes.  Simply add a stain treatment and leave to soak for at least 15 minutes.  If you don’t have a stain treatment to hand then good old washing up liquid will work just as well.  Once you have left the soap to soak into the garment then, get a toothbrush and gentle rub over the stain to work the liquid into the area. Finally add to your washing machine and pop on the highest temperature the garment will take.


Mud Stains

Pre-soak the garment as soon as possible in a bowl of cold water with 3 heaped tablespoon of bicarbonate of soda for approx one hour.  Then pop in the wash as normal with the highest temperature the garment will allow.


Chocolate stains

Gently wipe as much of the excess chocolate as you can, taking care not to to push the stain deeper into the fibres. Then flush out as much chocolate as you can using cold running water from the back of the stain. Soak in a solution of detergent and warm water for at least 30 minutes before washing as usual at the highest temperature allowed.


I wish all of you a Happy Easter, have fun let the kids get messy and follow these simple steps.

Thanks for reading

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