Ice Cube Trick


Now you may be thinking what on earth is she on about!…. But there really is something amazing you can do with a couple of ice cubes to make you life a lot easier.

If you HATE Ironing you will love this one.  My husband does this when I am away working,  when I am around there is no need at all as I absolutely love popping on a 90’s Rom Com on to the TV and getting stuck right into a huge ironing pile.

Simply get one of your creased shirts from the ironing basket and pop it into the tumble drier, now along with this chuck in 4 or 5 ice cubes straight from the freezer so they are nice and cold.

Pop your tumble drier on for approx 15 minutes.  Now I bet you are still thinking I am rather mad, but trust me this really goes work.

The ice cubes are going to melt in your machine and this will create amazing steam and moisture… and ….. it will leave leave your shirt crease free and shall be ready for wearing straight away.

Try it and see for yourself!

Thanks for reading, Queen of Clean xoxox


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