VAX Steam Fresh Power Plus – Product Review

VAX Steam Fresh Power Plus – Product Review

The lovely team at VAX sent me through the VAX STEAM FRESH POWER PLUS to review and test for all my fantastic followers to see.

After seeing this model  in action at the VAX product launch the other week at the Good House Keeping institute I was so excited as to be honest I had never seen such an amazing versatile steamer.

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The product came very well packaged in the box, fully protected to ensure no damage to the product on arrival at the customers home.

Now as a lot of you know I am not the brightest tool in the box when it comes to putting items together but I must say I found this a real breeze.  I didn’t even read the enclosed instruction manual.  I literally just slotted together the base and the hand held element.

The steamer came with a whole host of accessories and  250 ml steam detergent cleaner.

Extras include:

  • 2 floor cleaning pads
  • Accessory bag
  • Carpet glider
  • Precision Tool
  • Soft Scrub Brush
  • Wall Mount

Now when using a steamer it is paramount to only use the steam solution provided. You should never put Zoflora into the machine or any other harsh cleaning products. Please take note of this as I see so many of my followers breaking their steamers through chancing this.

If you feel the need to use another product as well as the steamer then make yourself up a spray bottle and spray the floor as you go.

Once I had built the VAX Steam Fresh and added in the water and Steam cleaner solution it literally took seconds to be ready for use.  The on and off button is position at the top of the machine where you hand sits so this is perfect for control and saves you bending.

There is also a steam boost button which is great if you have stubborn stains, the extra boost of steam really goes deep into the stain.

The cord length on this machine is 8M which is great length, I managed to do my kitchen utility and family area without having to change plugs. This is a huge benefit of the product as I do suffer with terrible back issues so the less I bend the better.  Also the wand itself is long so its great for those hard to reach areas.

The steam comes out very quickly and it doesn’t drench the floor which is great. I have various floor types and it worked well on all of them.  I only used steam and the steamer product and I found my floors were very clean and any marks where lifted easily. There was no streaks when the sun shined through the window and this made me so happy!  There is a scrub brush for those tough stains and this just pops out,  its the perfect tool for scrubbing tile grout.  I really didn’t expect this machine to give me such amazing results with my floor in just one quick go.  The swivel head is just perfect at getting into those corners and its so light and easy to push around your floors.

I absolutely love the long reach wand, I got up high and managed to go along the top of my kitchen cupboards.  Its also great for those hard to reach areas such as cooker hoods and windows.

With the carpet glider you can easily freshen up carpets and rugs.

With a simple click and twist the VAX transforms itself into a great hand held device.  So with this one there is no need to own two steamers.  You have everything in one machine. The hand held steamer gives you the flexibility to be able to steam your upholstery and fabric.  I always steam my sofa’s and curtains as I love the thought that all those germs that have come into my house have been killed. The hand held device also makes it easy to clean in bathrooms and really give the toilet seat a good clean, I used the boost button when I did the toilet seat and the amount of steam that came out was amazing. The 360 degree steam tools allow you the power to be able to steam literally anywhere within the home.

The machine comes with easy an easy discreet storage mount perfect to sit inside cupboard or on the back of cupboard doors.


Overall this is a great multi purpose steam cleaner  with many great functions allowing you powerful steaming from the floor to the ceiling.

I really hope this review has been of some use to you, if you have any further questions then please ask as I am more than happy to help. Plenty more reviews to take a look at

Thank for taking the time to read my review.
Queen of Clean xoxoxo


  1. I have this and love it so much!! I use it everyday in my kitchen and have just steamed my upstair carpets and beds with it. I use on skirting and tiles too and like you said I always spray my Zoflora on the floor first. I totally recommend this but need the extra attachments you have as I hate to miss out!! ??

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