The many uses of Bicarbonate of soda in the home

As you can see from my Instagram posts I use a lot of Bicarbonate of soda in my daily cleaning.  This idea came from my great Nan who always had pots of it around the kitchen and I have memories of watching her sprinkle it all over the house.

Its a natural chemical free way of cleaning so with this you know you are being good to the environment and your home. Keeping toxins at bay.


Bicarbonate of soda will eliminate nasty smells so a monthly sprinkle on the mattress will keep you nice and fresh.  Lightly sprinkle over the mattress and leave for approx one hour.  Then using the mattress attachment from you vacuum, vacuum up the bicarbonate of soda.

Carpets and Rugs

Again like the mattress this will help eliminate any smells, lightly sprinkle onto the carpet area, you can use sieve if you like and spread evenly.  Leave to sit for approx 1 hour and then vacuum up. Make sure you vacuum in a few different directions so as you don’t leave any in the carpet pile.

Kitchen sink

Cut a lemon in half and sprinkle Bicarbonate of soda onto the lemon half so as you cover the whole half and then give the lemon a tiny squeeze. A fizz will appear now gently run the lemon half all over the sink and then rinse with boiling water.  This will give your sink a fabulous shine and smell.


Spread an even layer over stained Tupperware and leave overnight with boiled water and watch this disappear.

Whitening agent

Add a spoonful into your wash with your whites and watch your whites comes back to life. This works particular well with white trainers and converse.



Add a small bowl of Bicarbonate of Soda and leave this in the fridge to keep nasty smells away.

Plug Holes

Pour 200 ml of bicarbonate of soda down the plug holes every week along with boiling water to keep your sink and systems fresh.

BBQ Grills 

Sprinkle Bicarbonate of soda onto BBQ Grill and this will help loosen the grim and enable less scrubbing.


With a toothbrush or a sonic Scrubber mix Bicarbonate of soda with a little Lemon and use to clean the grout in between tiles.


Bicarbonate of soda works great on tea stained mugs.  Sprinkle into the bottom, leave for 15 minutes and then rinse with warm water.


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