Get the children involved in cleaning and helping out around the house.

Get the children involved in cleaning and helping out around the house.

I think it’s really important that children learn how to do household tasks. One day they are going to fly the nest and will need some basic skills on how to run the home.  I have twin daughters who are 14 and a son aged 10 and they all get involved in the household chores. As they have been doing this from a young age it comes naturally to them now and they are especially good when my husband is away.

I have listed here some of the tasks my children help me with and hopefully this will help lighten your load at home, I really love to see mine getting involved but I must admit that sometimes I do repeat the task but he main thing is they are trying and learning.

(I do not let them use any bleach based products.)

Inside the house

Use a light weight vacuum and vacuum the floors – My tend to love using the cordless Shark

Take the rubbish out and sort into the relevant piles for recycling.

Empty the bins in their bedrooms and bathrooms.

Sort the mail and leave on the correct desk in the office.

Water plants inside and outside (in the summer month)

Tidy up any toys and craft activities they have been involved with.

Unload the food shop

Help bring the laundry down and sort into the light and dark piles.

Empty the washing machine when the cycle has finished and load into the tumble dryer or put in a neat pile ready to go on the washing line.

When the washing is dry sort into the relevant piles and then put the laundry into the relevant rooms.

After brushing their teeth clean the bathroom sink and rinse their toothbrush.

Make their beds daily and strip them on wash bedding day.

Garden and outside chores

Pick up any rubbish.

Rake up leaves.

Take care of pets they have

Take any rubbish out of the cars and change air fresheners.

Put bikes and Scooters away in the garage.

Dinner time Help

Get ingredients out of the fridge

If old enough prep the vegetables.

Set the table with cutely, place mats and salt and pepper.

Make the drinks.

Scrap the dirty plates and rinse ready for the dishwasher or the sink wash.

Wipe down the table and surfaces.

Put the dirty tea towels into the washing machine.

All of mine have a turn weekly at Cleaning our cars too 

Hope this post helps to get you children motivated and helping with the cleaning.

Thank you for reading

Lynsey Queen of Clean xoxox


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  2. I was interested to know whether you acquired good habits through your mum. If not, did you ever feel resentment towards her for not teaching you or starting you young? Also how did you deal with the toddler phase of your children when they’re not old enough to help but sure enough cause a wreck. The constant tidying up after them only to find something else has been thrown on the floor is maddening, pure torture and tiring.

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