Cleaning Tips for Moving into a New Home

Moving into a new home is a very exciting time but it’s so important to give your new home a good clean before you move in to make it feel like yours. Other people’s grime will be polluting the surfaces and door handles!  You will notice the previous occupants marks of habitation which can make you feel uneasy in your new property but never fear a few antibacterial products and a drop of bleach here and there will help your home to feel brand new and all yours.

My advice would be to start at the top and work your way down!

1 – Firstly dust those ceilings concentrating well on the cobwebs and the corners. Have a step ladder to hand and go over with a large feather duster.  It will be satisfying watching the dust drop to the floor.  Ceilings harbour dust so it’s important that you get these clean.

2 – Door handles, light switches and other buttons all need a really good clean with antibacterial spray.

3 – Get all the windows and doors open and give the house a really good air.

4 – Pull up any unwanted carpet and rugs and pull down old curtains, blinds and  lampshades and get them straight to the tip. This items will smell and if they don’t go the smell won’t go!

5 – Add a good amount of neat bleach to all the sinks and baths and leave to soak to really help kill those germs.  After a good soaking scrub clean with an antibacterial spray until it comes up like new.  if you have a shower replace the shower head these harbour a lot of bacteria and germs.

6 – If you are keeping the toilets make sure you replace the seats with new ones and really scrub the pan clean.  Pour a cheap bottle of coke down to ensure the pipes are clean and there are no unwanted blockages that can create nasty smells.

7 – If appliances have been left and you are keeping ensure you scrub them clean, invest in a good over cleaner and use baby oil to really shine that hob.
8 – A bit of neat bleach on a toothbrush will help you get the grout in-between any tiles clean and bring them back to life.

This rigorously but well needed clean will now make your home feel like yours and is now ready to move into.

And most important of all enjoy your new home.

As always thank you for reading.
Lynsey Queen of Clean xox

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