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I have been part of Obsessive Compulsive Cleaners since the second series and my first encounter was a couple in Blackpool.  I have now been part of the show for the past 4 years and have also appeared on the spin of series Country House Specials where I was sent to Ireland to clean a huge Georgian mansion and then to Wales which was my worst experience yet. I am in the next series of Obsessive Compulsive cleaners so stay tuned.I have done numerous Guest presenter slots on Ideal World TV where I support the main presenter with demo’s of cleaning products such as hoovers, steamers, car cleaners etc. And you will be seeing a lot more of me soon.

I am also a columnist and have featured in the Times newspaper, Teepols main catalogue, Star magazine and many smaller local publications and cleaning based publications.

I have appeared on the Radio a few times talking cleaning. Plus was featured on Radio 1’s Innuendo bingo after a bleached my baubles in the Christmas special!

My first live Questions and Answers was recently a massive success on instagram and more of these are planned soon.

I have a my own product range and some items have been released there are many more to come along with my book that is planned for release soon.

Plus I am a product ambassador for many cleaning ranges.

Below are some clips of some of my TV experiences.




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