Simple Daily tasks to keep you on top of your house work.

Simple Daily tasks to keep you on top of your house work.




Loads of you love my simple cleaning schedule and have found this has really helped to keep you on top daily and get you in to a cleaning routine.  Most people want to maintain a clean and organised home but lifestyle doesn’t always make this possible.  Working long hours and managing pets and children can put a stop to what you want to do.

If I had to limit my cleaning to just 6 tasks a day.

This is what I would do.

Make the beds. 

A room feels clean and tidier if beds are made and this job can literally take under one minute.  Teach your children how to make their beds too and offer them an incentive if this do this every day well for you.  Show them how to shake the pillows out and stretch out those sheets.  You never know they may actually find its fun and really enjoy it, they will also get a huge sense of achievement from this too as they know they are helping mum!


Daily Laundry load

Get this is the machine as soon as you get up or programme a load to come in the night like I do and get this in the tumble drier or on the line before you leave the house. Doing one daily load of washing will keep you on top and will not leave you with big over flowing laundry baskets that will need to tackled at the weekend.

Vacuum all the floors

A quick once over with the vacuum and seeing those vacuum lines will make you feel better, any crumbs and dust partials will be picked up leaving you with clean dust free floors.


Washing up/wipe kitchen surfaces

Always do the washing up before you leave the house this way you won’t come in from a long day and see a mountain of dirty dishes waiting to greet you.  And whilst you have your dish cloth in your hand give the kitchen surfaces a really quick spray and wipe.


Bleach the toilets

A quick drop of bleach and a wipe around the seat ensures your toilet is clean and not harbouring germs. Always keep the seat down as toilet germs spread.


Tidy up

Loose paper work, toys on the floor, clutter in the kitchen and shoes in the hallway get this all put in the correct places. Have folders for paper work, toy boxes for toys that can be stored away. Sort through the kitchen clutter and throw anything that is not needed away and clear the hallway.  If someone unexpectedly knocks on the door first impressions will count always have a clear and clean hallway.

I really hope this post will be of some benefit to you…. ….

keep it simple and keep it clean with the Queen of Clean.





7 thoughts on “Simple Daily tasks to keep you on top of your house work.

  1. I love reading about your routine it really helps me but since I’ve had a baby my housework has gone down hill and reading yours makes me want to get up and do. My baby is 1 nearly 2 and I’m trying to get everything done but just can’t would you recommend me doing it once she’s asleep or awake thank you

  2. I do this every morning☺️ plus a quick polish round the house and spray of air freshener. One thing I can’t stand is leaving the house a mess and returning to a messy house xx

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