How dirty is your office?

How dirty is your office?

Welcome back! The sun is shinning, making it the perfect time to pull on your marigold gloves and give your office the spring clean it deserves. I work from home so my office is extremely clean but many of you will work in big offices where cleaners will come in once a day do a quick wipe around and empty the bin. This is not enough.  Telephone and keyboards are full of germs and if you share an office with shift workers you need to be fully armed with cleaning products.

I have put together some basic facts for you

  •  Computer keyboards can harbour more harmful bacteria than a lavatory seat, many keyboard users are at risk of becoming ill with stomach bugs
  •  Did you know typical office workers could come into contact with 10 million bacteria per day?
  • Most offices contain 400 times more bacteria than a toilet seat.
  • Flushing the toilet without closing the lid can send germs flying as far as 10 ft.
  • The photo copier start button and the office coffee pot handles are both teemed with many more germs than the average school toilet seat!

The best way to keep your section of the office clean is to keep a packet of cleaning wipes in your draw and an antibacterial spray with a dry cloth. The keyboard will be full of germs so wipe this over every day along with your desk. Keep your stationary to yourself so mucky hands don’t get to your pens and pencils. Keep an anti-bacterial gel on your desk and apply this regularly.

Limit the number of items on your desk keep clutter to a minimum.

Don’t forget to clean your office phone you don’t know who could of picked it up whilst you were away from your desk.

When you need to use the office kitchen make sure you have your own mug for your tea and coffee along with your own spoon.  Try and encourage your work colleagues to adapt a rota so the kitchen is getting a good clean daily.

Lastly imagine you are a client entering the office. Walk around the office following the same path a client might take, stopping often to study your surroundings. Make note of any untidiness and remove it.


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