Shark Klick and Flip steam mop – My product review.

Shark Klick and Flip steam mop – My product review.


I get so many direct messages in regards to steam cleaning floors with some people against and some for.  I have found some steam cleaners in the past to drench floors and leave them rather wet with a long drying time.  What impressed me the most with this floor steam cleaner is that it felt like dry steam and floors were dry in literately seconds after use leaving a really nice shinny finish.


As you can imagine my floors are spotless and they are steamed and cleaned daily so there shouldn’t be any dirt or dust.  But this Shark steam cleaner managed to lift dirt of my floor which I was in complete shock about.  Half of the pad was dirty!! I wasn’t at all happy but this proved to me how powerful this cleaner really is.

The only negative point I have with this steamer is that its corded. I love having cordless machines, it gives you a real free flow and gets you cleaning everywhere being restricted by a cord can but frustrating but on the other hand if the product is doing its job well then I can cope with a cord.


Cord length 8m.  Weight 2.7k.

Not only does this steamer clean floor  its also sanitises and eliminates 99.9% of common household germs which makes it great for anyone that suffers with allergies or asthma. My daughter has asthma so this is another tick in the box for this cleaner.

There are also 3 settings on this machine to determine the power of the steam, so if you have a sticky patch you can switch to a higher setting and watch the sticky patch disappear.  The steam setting function also makes its great for all hard and sealed floor types.  You can clean a range of hard floor types with absolute confidence that no damage will occur.  I have a range of hard floors in my home and have used on all types with no issues at all. I have real wood floor in my lounge family room and hallway and the shine that is left is amazing and the added bonus is it literally dries within seconds. In some of my bathrooms, kitchen and dinning room I have a very thick lino flooring and again this works great and finally in two of my bathrooms a have ceramic tiles, the steam cleans of the water marks really well and leaves a beautiful steak free finish.

The part I absolute love is that whilst cleaning you can flip over the head of the cleaner and switch it to steam blaster mode. A shot of hot powerful air comes whizzing out the nozzle and targets tough dried on dirt in seconds.  After this shot of powerful steam you can go over it straight away with the pad.

The Klick and Flip  comes with two washable pads which you can pop straight into the wash after using.  The pads comes of really easy as there is a pad release button and they slot back on easily too.


All in all this is great affordable product from Shark  that is really easy to put together and really easy to use. It comes with a full instruction book and a water jug to ensure that you fill the machine correctly. No product is needed when using this product the steam is enough to lift the dirt out of your floor and leave them streak free with a fabulous Shine.

I hope you have found this product review useful and if you have any questions then please message me and I will be happy to answer.

Thanks for reading.
Lynsey Queen of Clean xoxox

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