Sonic Scrubber The home cleaning gadget that all homes need.

Sonic Scrubber The home cleaning gadget that all homes need.

OK so I post myself using this amazing tool on Instagram a lot and as I get some many questions about it I thought I would put together some brief information for you. To help you decide whether or not you need this in your home.

The Sonic Scrubber is a cleaning gadget that I absolutely love. Its a powerful hand held tool that scrubs away unwanted dirt that builds up in your home. Its scrubs away at 10,000 times per minute and improves cleaning time. It does all the hard work so you don’t have too.

It works really well at tackling tough grime such as baked on food and grease, dirt and mould build up and set in stains.  It can be used in the kitchen and in the bathroom and will help you have a really clean home.

It comes with 4 interchangeable heads, that are so easy to change. They are different sizes and a different texture so each head really does find a worth while job to do.

Personally I am so pleased I found this little gadget and I really do recommend that every house hold should have one.  They are a must for perfectionist cleaners like me, speedy cleaners,  the elderly and for anyone that suffers with arthritis.

I came across mine on Amazon please see the link here

They also do an amazing pro detailer cleaning brush kits for cars, boats and bikes. Which we have used on our car and the kids use this when washing their pedal bikes and its fantastic.  It comes in yellow so you don’t get it mixed up with your inside scrubber.

The link to buy this one is

Hope this blog post helps, its really is an amazing little tool.
Thanks for reading
Queen of Clean xoxox


  1. Hello lindsey, I like to follow you(in insta , i am cindpal). You help me a lot. You are an example to me.
    I can ask you questions please ??
    Who taught you to do the housework as it comes to you from your childhood?
    How do you do when you work outdoors to thoroughly clean up after your home? (Take time in the evening or in the morning?) An hour or two?
    Or how to plan housework when out and planned out kids (supermarket, park recreation etc …)
    Sorry to not speak good English. Translating google helped me.
    I think you really have a talent .it’s great to have a clean house is tidy, one feels better I find.
    My mother did not cleaning much and I missed it.(when i was children)
    Thank you very much .

    • Thank you for your message my mum was always cleaning when I was young and then my first marriage was very bad if you read my intro to me it will explain more and this made me just clean and clean. I work from home so clean between client visits emails etc.. I spend a lot of time at home so it needs to be perfect. Your English is great well done

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