The Vax Dual Power Pro Carpet Cleaner review.

The Vax Dual Power Pro Carpet Cleaner review.

Retail price approx £199.00, if you buy on the VAX website there is an offer of a free steam cleaner when purchased. Quote VAXCLEAN10 for discount.

Or you can buy on amazon here –

I am a massive fan on carpet cleaning and I do mine at least one a month.  I don’t hire a machine or use a professional carpet cleaner company as these machines have been in other peoples houses so I want my own.  It needs to be easy to use and not too heavy. I suffer with back issues so I can’t lift heavy items.

I love this machine, it was easy to put together and the instructions for assembling were really easy and simple to follow.  Once the machine is assembled there is no need to take it apart again, just store in a safe clean area.


With the purchase you get two of the specialised carpet cleaner liquids in the box, its important to only use the specialised products in the machine. Using products that aren’t correct can damage the machine.

It was really easy to put the solution into the machine in the designated pouring area and then once the solution was added warm water was then added to the other-side.

I was really impressed as the cleaning was going very deep into the carpet and the suction was very powerful, I could really feel the carpet pile being lifted so I knew that any embedded dirt was coming out.

There are two modes on this model one for washing and one for rinses. Once washed you can then rinse for an even deeper clean.

The  twin tank technology  keeps the clean and dirty water separate ensuring you only ever wash your carpets with clean water and also makes emptying and refilling, quick and easy. This carpet cleaner also has an auto mix system that conveniently combines the correct amount of water and solution.


This machine also comes with a 2.5 M hose, SpinScrub handtool and wash tool so you can clean stairs, upholstery and car interiors with ease.

Vacuum cleaning on its own isn’t enough to remove deep down dirt that’s embedded within the carpet pile. Dirt can build up over time to eventually weigh down and flatten carpet fibres if they’re not thoroughly cleaned.  Carpet cleaners remove this build-up of dirt, dust and odours and brighten the overall appearance of carpets. They are also great for clearing up those accidental spills. This makes them ideal for homes with children and pets that create mess every day. Washing regularly will not only leave your carpets looking clean and smelling fresh, but it will prolong its life and help to avoid the expensive costs of carpet replacement.

I was amazed that my carpets were completely dry within 30 minutes and my rug was even quicker.

Also remember that VAX products come with a FREE guarantee.

Hope you enjoyed my review of this product and if you have any questions then please ask. I would certainly recommend this product.

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