Benefits of Steam Cleaning

Benefits of Steam Cleaning

Many people ask me all the time about steam cleaning and is this better then getting out the mop and bucket.

I switched to steam cleaning a few years ago and this switch was determined from tests that we did on Obsessive Compulsive Cleaners.  Steam does actually kill germs and lift away dirt.  When you mop you are pushing around the dirt not actually getting rid of it or killing the germs.  Homes harbour so many germs. Food drops on floors, the outside comes in on people clothes and shoes.  To have a clean house we need to get these germs out so they don’t hang around and then potentially cause sickness bugs and infections. There are also many items that you can steam in your home which you probably wouldn’t even think about take a look at some ideas I have put together click here



If you love sparkling clean, hygienic floors but hate the mess and hassle of mopping and scrubbing, a steam mop is the perfect solution for you.  Steam is quick and easy to use and is completely environmentally friendly as you can use just steam and no other products to kill and lift germs. Clean fresh water is poured into the steam tank and within 30 seconds your steamer will be ready to use. The steam will be constant until the water runs dry.

Here I am doing a  demo with a steamer on the shopping channel they really do give great results on all different floor types.  The shine is also amazing with no Streaks and water marks


The high temperature that a steamer creates will breaks down grease and grime, kills bacteria, dust mites and other allergens.

Steam cleaners are excellent for freshening up  curtains and upholstery and Steam is also great for eliminating odours from clothes and removing creases in seconds.

I often give my sofa a good steam. I find it very satisfying.


If you want your home to smell naturally fresh, clean and germ free without the odour of chemicals, then you need to invest in a steam mop or a handheld steamer.

A steam cleaner will change your cleaning routine,freeing up more hours.

With a steamer you will have peace of mind knowing that you are not filling your home with  synthetic chemicals and you will be completely germ free.

I steam daily so my floors are clean but on Sundays I do steam with a spray bottle. I then spray direct to the floor and then run the steamer through. I am addicted to the Method Rhubarb floor cleaner at the moment and this is heavily diluted with water. Never over use product as this is when streaks and smears will occur.

My most recommended steamers are:

handheld steamer

Shark Kick n Flip

Polti Vaporetto 15 in 1

As always thank you for reading
Lynsey Queen of Clean xoxo

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