Tackling the Bathroom

Tackling the Bathroom

While bathrooms are not as populated with germs as kitchens, they still harbour their share of illness-causing bacteria lurking everywhere from the sink to the towels.

My bathroom (PLEASE NOTE MY BATHROOM IS YET TO REPLACED SINCE THE MOVE) gets a thorough deep clean twice a week and a good daily wipe down and clean. So many of you have been asking me about how to clean the bathroom so I have put together my bathroom cleaning guide where I will show you the products I use as well as the gadgets.


Firstly I clear the bathroom and put the bathmats and towels in the wash on a high temperature so I am sure to be killing all the germs.  Bath mats and towels should be changed at least twice a week.  More if you can.



Apply lime scale cleaner to any areas where there is limescale build up and let this soak for a while before you scrub and rinse off. I use the Teepol Limescale Remover and I find this to be the best one I have tried. It literally strips away the limescale in seconds and doesn’t have an over powering smell.



I place hot water and neat bleach in to the bath sinks and toilets and let that soak for a while.  You may think you bath is clean but if you leave the bleach for a few minutes in clear water you will see particles of dirt rise to the top. So its important to get these out.  Once this has been soaked for a few minutes, release the water and scrub down with a bathroom spray and clean no toxic water.  Then buff dry with an old towel so its all nice and shinny.

The toilet


Give the toilet a good wipe with antibacterial wipes and place toilet bleach/cleaner into the pan. Change any toilet blocks or toilet refreshers. Always clean the base of the toilet well and around the bottom.  If you use a toilet brush leave a small amount of bleach and water in the bottom for the brush to soak in.

The taps


Srub the taps clean with a multipurpose bathroom cleaner, I tend to use the FLASH Blue with feebreeze as I love the smell or the CIF multi action and then scrub with a harden sponge or a sonic scrubber type gadget.  I would recommend that you invest in one of these are the dirt you can get off is amazing.

The tiles


Clean the tiles with a multi purpose bathroom cleaner and then use a glass or window cleaner to buff.  This gives them a great finish and you won’t have any unwanted water streaks.

The mirrors


Bathroom mirrors to be done with a glass cleaner.

The shower

For thew shower I again use the sonic scrubber around the plug and around the sides. The sonic Scrubber works really well with the Limescale remover and really lifts the dirt well.  I also always lift and clean the plug.  I soak the base in bleach for a while and then spray all the tiles with a multi purpose bathroom cleaner.  I don’t shine these with the glass cleaner cleaner.  The doors are scrubbed with a cloth and the bathroom cleaner and then I use the KARCHER window vax to remove any water streaks the doors will be  left clean and dry with a to ensure a sparkling finish.

The floor


Then finally the floor, ensuring I have washed the bin, the towel rail, scales and the washing basket I lift these into the bath and vacuum and steam the floor.

I really hope this has been of some use to you.  I have 4 bathroom and one cloak room, so this is quite a big job for me, but its very satisfying seeing a nice clean shinny bathroom.

Thanks for reading

Lynsey xoxo


  1. […] Before we get into the specifics, it’s important to remember that simplicity is key. The more stuff you put in the bathroom, the more you’ll have to clean. A cluttered bathroom also creates a lot of hard to reach spaces which gather dust and dirt if you can’t get in there to clean them properly. Avoiding that is the best way to make your bathroom easier to clean. Just put in the essentials and leave the rest out, you’ll appreciate the decision when it comes time to clean the bathroom. […]

  2. I am always looking for a shortcut while cleaning! I tried your method. After reading through your post and the comments I am curious as to how often you do this 15 minute speed cleaning of your bathrooms.The best way to keep the bathroom picked up is to make it a habit of putting things away when you are done using it. Love your website! Thanks for all the streamlined tips and directions.

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