Arghh Dust!! It gets everywhere…

Arghh Dust!! It gets everywhere…

What is Dust????

Dust is made up of tiny particles that include fabric fibres, paper, hair, dead skin and dirt.

Its important to get rid of dust on a regular basis as it can cause many health problems. If you have anyone in your home that suffers with allergies, asthma or chest problems you need to be extra careful with dust build up and make dusting a daily part of your routine.

Clear hard to clean items that dust can settle on, such as decorative objects. Throw away old paper items, reduce the amount of fabric-covered furniture and other soft furnishings and clean out your closet.

Regular cleaning is the key to keeping your home dust free. Sweep or vacuum regularly and wipe down surfaces with a damp cloth or microfiber cloth, which can trap the smallest dust particles.A cloth and polish just won’t cut it!!

Bedding should be changed at least once a week, never ever leave over two week!  Then once in a while go back to the old fashioned way of cleaning and take your pillows and duvet, as well as seat cushions and rugs outside in the cold fresh air and beat them with a broomstick or pole to get rid of all the dust that has accumulated on them.  This is fantastic for getting the germs and dust away and is also a fantastic workout which will help tone up your arms in no time at all.

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