Back in 2015 Teepol asked me to work with them and help promote there cleaning products, they got in touch after they saw me in the Country House rescue series on OCC Cleaners and knew I was the right person to support and help them. Teepol started trading in the 1930’s and have dominated the industrial cleaning market for many years but now they want to be big in the domestic market so they called upon me. I have recreated products with Teepol for the domestic market, fronted their advert campaign and done demonstration and talks at trade fairs all over Europe. I love working with Teepol a very British company with a great loyal team of staff. Seeing cleaning products being made is fascinated and I now have a much better understanding of cleaning and how to use products as effectively as possible. For more information on Teepol please contact me. or take a look at their website www.teepol.co.uk

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